Two Is Better Than One

IMG_1343There are lot of great blogs out there written by moms.

There are a few great blogs out there written by dads.

Our goal at Montague Adventures is to give you the best of what we have both learned in our nearly 18 years of marriage and parenting, together.

What has made everything work for us, through a lot of good and some bad, is that we realize we are in this together.  And when we work together, both as a couple and as a family, we are able to actually accomplish a lot.  The verse from Ecclesiastes makes clear that we all need someone to help us make it through this crazy thing called life, and we certainly aren’t in this alone.

Two is better than one, and at Montague Adventures, you won’t just get a mom’s perspective, you’ll get a dad’s.  You won’t just here what a dad has to say, you’ll hear from a mom, too.

We’re just a crazy couple who love each other deeply. We really enjoy being with our kids.  We don’t sweat the small stuff, and try to make every moment of our lives count for something.   We can’t wait to have you join us for the fun.  We aren’t perfect, but we are fun.  And we think you’ll have fun, too.

If you join us, then that will make it even better!  Because if two is good, three has to be great!


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