City of Rocks

At the end of highway 77 in Idaho–the literal end of the road–is a pretty stunning place that was once a main stop on the California Trail.

City of Rocks National Reserve is not quite a national park, but it sure is beautiful, and worth a detour through a forgotten corner of southwest Idaho.

The road into the park isn’t paved, and if you can avoid the locals who are zipping through on their way to the rock climbing and campgrounds, a leisurely drive is the way to take it.  Our Hondas both did great on the road, in spite of the gravel and uneven spots.

The rocks are truly beautiful, once again highlighting the incredible diversity of America’s landscape.  Stop at Camp Rock and see the names of pioneers written on the stone, or look for the faces in the mountains of stone.

This one is pretty hard to find.

Take some time to stop at the lovely Visitor’s Center.  We tripled the population during our visit, and the ranger was most appreciative of our time there.

If you are ever at the end of the road in Idaho, make sure to visit.  City of Rocks was a pleasant surprise!


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